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About The Book

About The Book

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God is listening to you; He will answer all your unanswered prayers

The Miraculous Power of Prayer – a book about miracles from God explores profound questions such as: How did this happen to me? Why is it that my prayers are not answered? And what do I do to get God’s answers to my needs? This book will take you on a spiritual journey of God’s answers to prayers.

  • Introduction
  • Grace: The Gift of Righteousness
  • Prayer of Praise and Worship
  • Unanswered Prayer
  • Is there anything wrong I am doing?
  • Speak to the mountain
  • Prayer of Agreement and Protection
  • New Approach
  • Patterns of Prayer
  • Prayer Warriors in the Bible
  • List of Prayers

You will go from the problem to the provision by turning the promises of God into power; this book on miracles and Christian prayers is for you!